Tornado Outbreak Wiki

The Blue Screen of Death, also known as the BSOD is the name of game breaking glitch in the game; Tornado Outbreak. It's unknown why this glitch occurs, however it's believed that a blue screen occurs when the game fails a "safety check"


Note: This glitch will temporally brick the Nintendo Wii Console, and will temporally disable the ability to turn off the console itself!

How to trigger

  • Chicken Con Carnage- The easiest method of triggering a blue screen requires the player to grab 100 Fire Flyers at once. This can be achieved by grabbing 60 Fire Flyers at once, then grabbing 40 Fire Flyers.


  • This is a glitch that is known to happen on three platforms.
  • There's also a Purple Screen of Death and a Red Screen of Death. The Purple Screen of Death occurs when the game fails to read data on the game disc.
  • Rarely occurring on the Wii, there's also a Red Screen of Death that only occurs whenever the player attempts to view unlockable concept art