Tornado Outbreak Wiki

Wind Warrior: Fire Flyers are going everywhere, except for that old castle.
Zephyr: The walls and the terrain make it a highly defendable location, the orb must be hidden there.
― Flythrough (Zone 1)

Camelot Falls! is the eighth level in Tornado Outbreak. The level features the final unlockable ability known as the dash move.


Zephyr is sick and tired to leading the Wind Warriors ahead, because of the fact that he keeps discovering new elementals. However, the Water Whirls only want one thing; reuniting their pair of sisters. At the end of the level, Zephyr reunites with Nimbus after uncovering him from an underground tunnel.


This level requires the player to take advantage of the dash move given by Zephyr. As a result, the player must use both the stone stomp and the dash move in order to successfully clear the level.

Zone 1

The first zone in the area contains several small buildings in the area. The player can either start grabbing Flyers instantly, or fill up the Category Level of the tornado so that they can chain a large amount of Fire Flyers.

Zone 2

The second zone of the area. A totem begins to rise outside the castle wall. As most typical levels, the tornado's category level starts off as a size two tornado. The tornado needs to be at least a size 13 tornado in order to collect all Fire Flyers in the area.

The best strategy for this zone is to start off destroying small objects and work your way up to tossing Horses in the air.

Zone 3

The tornado's category level starts off as a size three tornado. In this area, players must heavily use the dash move to their advantage in order to progress through the level.


  • This is the third level to have an in-game tutorial.
  • There's a single hidden Fire Flyer out of bounds near the L.O.A.D. STARR. Collecting it will result in the amount of Fire Flyers becoming 301 instead of 300.