Tornado Outbreak Wiki

Wind Warrior: Wow! This place looks like a lot of fun.
Zephyr: Well I don't think it will be fun if this whole park fell into the ocean because we didn't take care of those Flyers and totems down there!
Wind Warrior: Oh, uh, no sir, it wouldn't be.
― Flythrough (Zone 1)

Carnival Chaos! is the sixth level in Tornado Outbreak. Taking place in an amusement park, the player encounters a new character along with unlocking the ability to perform a Stone Stomp.


Zephyr searches for Nimbus, only to find Nimbus' cape with writing telling him to turn back.

Ignoring it, he discovers a new elemental called the Stone Smasher who teaches him the Stone Stomp; only asking to free his brothers.

Later, an earthquake shakes trapping four Wind Warriors below ground. To keep the remaining Wind Warriors calm, Zephyr promises the Wind Warriors paid vacations; he lies about the paid vacations.


Unlike the previous levels, Players are given two minutes to complete each zone by taking advantage of the Stone Stomp. It's best to cycle through each zone at least one time before attempting to earn a gold medal.

Zone 1

Unlike previous levels, the time limit in this level is set to one minute. The level encourages the player to stone stomp as many objects as they can in order to increase the Category Level. Once the category level is at a size five tornado, proceed to stone stomp as many boatdocks as you can; this increases the tornado's category level into a size six tornado. Once this is achieved, The player can destroy vehicles and buildings such as a ticket booths, ice cream stands, etc.

Zone 2

The second zone of the area. This time, Zephyr is spawned onto a boat dock with several tourists and seagulls. Once again, the category level of the tornado starts off as a size two tornado.

Zone 3

Third and final zone of the area. Players are encouraged to toss and throw the humans chilling inside the floaties underwater.

Totem Battles

Zephyr must Stone Stomp on the special forces of Wind Warriors called Cloud Makers. Once pounced, they will create a path of shade for him.