Chicken Con Carnage is the second level in Tornado Outbreak. It's also the first level to have the player pummeling Totems, and grabbing and absorbing Fire Flyers.

Plot Edit

Zephyr and Nimbus fly to a Chicken Farm, where Nimbus teaches Zephyr about growing and destroying smaller objects. Zephyr then destroys a barn, only to be told by Nimbus to destroy a silo. After destroying a silo, Zephyr uncovers the flame elementals known as the Fire Flyers.

Layout Edit

Chicken Con Carnage's layout consists of three zones. In the first zone, Nimbus orders Zephyr to tear up a fence and flatten out a barn. The second zone consists of Zephyr growing at a size 10 tornado and destroying a silo. In the third zone, the player must find the best way to absorb 50 Fire Flyers. After the third zone, Zephyr will have to pummel the first In-game Totem.

Training Edit

During the training Nimbus teaches the player how to collect fire flyers. To collect a Fire Flyer; hold down the grab button to grab the flyer. Nimbus also explains that it's best to try to grab a chain of Fire Flyers.

Trivia Edit

  • Two unused cutscenes were intended to be unlocked after completing the level. These cutscenes were found in the game's movies folders. The name of the cutscenes are "bonus_chickenfarm_intro/outro. Featuring a news reporter, and Windboy; a removed character.