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"See the barn over there?"

Chicken Con Carnage is the second level in Tornado Outbreak. It's also the first level to have the player pummeling Totems, and grabbing and absorbing Fire Flyers.


Following the destruction of Route 66, Zephyr and Nimbus travel to their next location; a chicken farm. At the farm, Nimbus teaches Zephyr about growing and destroying smaller objects. Upon destroying the barn, Nimbus instructs Zephyr to destroy a silo. After destroying a silo, Zephyr uncovers the flame elementals known as the Fire Flyers.


Chicken Con Carnage's layout consists of a total of three zones.

Zone 1

Nimbus guides Zephyr into landing in a area surrounded by fence posts. Then, proceeds to explain to Zephyr about destroying the large barn in the area. The player must pluck the feathers of the chickens inside the area. Then, as a level one tornado. The tornado's category level needs to be a minimum of size 10.

Zone 2

Nimbus gives Zephyr the task to destroy a silo. The tornado's category level drastically decreases into a size one tornado. The player must refill the category level by destroying flowers, tossing farm animals and vehicles in the air, to even destroying buildings! Upon destroying the silo, small mischievous flame elementals begin to appear from the ground. They proceed to run away into the next area; a training campground.


During the training campground, Nimbus teaches the player how to collect Fire Flyers. To collect a Fire Flyer; hold down the grab button to grab the Flyer. Nimbus also explains that it's best to try to grab a chain of Fire Flyers.

Zone 3

This is the final zone in the area. In this zone, Nimbus gives Zephyr a real mission; absorb 50 Fire Flyers in the area, then head towards the L.O.A.D. STARR before the timer runs out. Starting as a size three tornado, the player must take advantage of the Grab Move

In order to obtain a gold medal in this zone, the player needs to absorb a minimum of 50 Fire Flyers at once.


A single totem will begin to merge from the ground. Pummel it to complete the level.


  • Two unused cutscenes were intended to be unlocked after completing the level. These cutscenes were found in the game's movies folders. The name of the two cutscenes are "bonus_chickenfarm_intro/outro" and features Featuring a news reporter, and Windboy; a removed character.


  1. In-game files refer this map as Chicken Farm.
  2. The location was revealed in an unused cutscene featuring Windboy, a removed character.