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Chuck Gavel is an heavyset news reporter for MCNBSC; a fictional new station. He only appears in the Bonus Chicken Con Carnage Intro and Outro cutscene.


Chuck resembles a generic news reporter, with long hair, and a mustache.

Origin and History

There isn't really much know about Chuck, as he only appears in two unlockable cutscenes.

Pre-Chicken Con Carnage (Intro)

Confused and puzzled about the recent super natural possession of farm animals, Gavel decides to interview the local Farmer nearby the chicken farm. Becoming skeptical, Gavel attempts to question the farmer only to discover that the farmer became possessed.

Pre-Chicken Con Carnage (Outro)

Caught in the destruction of the farm, Gavel makes a swiftly escape before catching a glimpse of a flying Windboy in the air...