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The Clown, also known as the Lonely Clown is a deeply depressed clown featured in the map Carnival Chaos.


The clown constantly sits on a unicycle and wears a pair of striped overalls, and a slightly torn green shirt. In their left hand is a silent horn.

Origin and History

A recent storyboard was uploaded by Jordan Kotzebue, a concept artist at Loose Cannon Studios

After being tired of being shunned by everyone in the Amusement Park, the clown hops into a catapult so that he can drown himself in the water. However, he changes his mind when he discovers that a child was looking forward to meet the clown. As the clown prepares to exit the catapult, he accidentally cuts the rope which results in the clown being flung into the water. Whenever or not he survived being flung into the water remains unknown.