Tornado Outbreak Wiki

Wind Warrior: These peaceful people, I hope they know we're trying to help them against these fiery invaders.
Zephyr: Even if they don't understand, we have to do what's right for the sake of the whole world.
― Flythrough (Zone 1)

Coastal Calamity is the ninth level in Tornado Outbreak. It takes place after Camelot Falls, and is the first level to have Nimbus' returning appearance.


The Wind Warriors have recovered Nimbus's pale body, but is weakened in the process. Flying towards their next Orb, an earthquake occurs and causes Nimbus to shout for Zephyr; only to pass out. Now angered, Zephyr plans to show the Fire Flyers what they put Nimbus through. Later, it's revealed that Omegaton is from an anti-matter universe; a hero in space is a villain on Earth.


Consisting of three zones, the player must create a strategy, and chain a minimum of 30 to 40 Fire Flyers in order to obtain a gold medal.

Zone 1

For the first zone, the player is spawned in a rice-field where several Rice Farmers can be seen patrolling the area. Additionally, the player can collect swimming fish, and snatch all of the rice in the field to increase the tornado's Category Level.

Zone 2

The second zone in the area. The player must again, increase the category level of the tornado in order to progress through the game. The player can increase the category level of the tornado by starting off destroying small objects ranging from rocks and plants. Around size four, the tornado can instantly toss and throw small buildings in the air.

Zone 3

The third and final zone of the area. Unlike other zones, this one is has a time limit of five minutes. The best strategy for this zone is to take advantage of the Stone Stomp and the Dash Move.

Totem Battle

The structure containing Omegaton's orbs of power is instantly destroyed by a giant ball of fire. Zephyr must use pounce on the Cloud Makers to generate a protective layer of shade.

After the second totem is destroyed, the giant flaming arm of Omegaton grabs the final Orb and destroys the remaining two Totems. The player now must use both the Wave Makers and Cloud Makers to complete the final portion of the level.


  • First level to take place in Japan
  • Nimbus's first returning appearance