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"Quick to think and quicker to act, Cyclone's brash fearless nature has helped saved the Wind Warriors more then once. He's not shy about expressing his desire to succeed Nimbus for leadership of the group."
― Cyclone's bio in the Tornado Outbreak Comic[src]

Cyclone is a minor character that appears only in the Tornado Outbreak Comic.


Cyclone is a fit black and light blue air elemental with black horns, a Wind Warrior medallion, a belt, studded gauntlets, and a red cape. Like Stratos, he has an extra black marking on his stomach. After briefly becoming Captain, his eyes turned dark.

Origins and History

Its assumed that he is younger than Nimbus but older than Zephyr. While not much information is available on this character, it isn't hard to deduce that he isn't the most pleasant. He takes every chance to brag about himself and enjoys showing off to his peers.


While on a routine check on atmospheric planets, Zephyr, Nimbus, and the Wind Warriors encounter an ambush by their enemies; Shades, toxic elementals that crystallize anything they touch. Upon discovering the crystallized vegetation on the planet, the Wind Warriors are ambushed by the Shades.

Nimbus proceeds to pummel the shade with his left gauntlet, while Cyclone proceeds to pummel another Shade with his right hand. The Squad retreats to tend all of the wounded soldiers. After retreating, Nimbus makes an announcement explaining that he is slowly becoming crystallized and decides to set up a fake competition to see who will become the new leader; the competition would eventually reveal Cyclone's true intentions of being the leader.

The first challenge of the competition involved Cyclone and Stratos building a soup consisting of Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen. Stratos, weakened fails to create a soup and loses the first round of the competition.

The second challenge involved Cyclone and Stratos creating a tornado that is capable of shattering a solid rock. Much like the previous challenge, Stratos struggles to complete the challenge, which leads to Cyclone winning and becoming the new leader.

Now as the new leader, Cyclone lures the squad into a deadly trap to fulfill his end of the bargain with the Shades. In return for promising to bring the Wind Warriors to the dark pulsar, they make him their ruler. Stratos is then killed and crystallized into a statue by the Shades upon confronting Cyclone about his betrayal to the squad.

In a fit of rage, Zephyr transforms into a destructive tornado that ends up tossing the now crystallized statue of Stratos directly towards Cyclone. Now injured, Cyclone retreats with the Shades and is never mentioned in the game.