Tornado Outbreak Wiki

The Dash Move is the final unlockable ability given to Zephyr that allows him to quickly move around the area with the tap of a button.

Freeing Water Whirls

Use the dash move to burst one of the two pairs of Water Whirls. Then, dash quickly to burst the second one; this will reunite both sisters together and will count as a collectible.

Much like the Stone Stomper, growing too large will result in them getting tossed into the air.


To perform a dash move, press the Z-button.png button to dash forward quickly. Rapidly tap the Z-button.png button to continue dashing.

Press the 360-B button.png button to perform a dash move, rapidly tap the 360-B button.png button to continue dashing.

Tap the Circle-button.png button to dash quickly, and rapidly tap the Circle-button.png button to continue dashing.