Tornado Outbreak Wiki

Nimbus: Look at those Fire Flyers scatter! Trying to find refuge in those human dwellings.
Zephyr: Don't worry, I'll get 'em out of there.
― Flythrough (Zone 1)

Double Wide Damage! is the third level in Tornado Outbreak. Taking place after the events of Chicken Con Carnage, the level introduces the player a new gameplay feature: Multiplayer, which allows another player to control the Wind Warrior while the other player controls Zephyr.


When the Wind Warriors become exhausted from traveling all night to find and capture all of the Fire Flyers, they become weak and rest in the shade of the nearby forest of Ruckusville. Meanwhile, Zephyr can be seen with Nimbus, who is collaborating the L.O.A.D. STARR while Zephyr makes a comment about how the lights constantly made him dizzy.

Nimbus then activates the L.O.A.D. STARR as he and Zephyr travel to a trailerpark that they must destroy in order to find Omegaton's orb.

Nimbus then proceeds to teach Zephyr how to build a vortex and how to approach a totem. Once Zephyr's task is completed Omegaton's orb is then sent to the sky returning to its rightful owner.

Feeling disappointed and devastated, Zephyr begins to feel sympathy for the destruction of the human's buildings and vows that he along with the Wind Warriors would help rebuild. He is abruptly interrupted by the L.O.A.D. STARR's distinctive chime; it had found another orb.


Excluding the Vortex Race and Totem Battle, Double Wide Damage's layout consists of two zones.

Zone 1

The first zone of the area. Surroundings range from trailers, a graveyard, a boatdock, and a large tower. The Category Level during this segment is at a size two tornado. Only a handful of Fire Flyers can be collected at this state. Increasing the category level into a size five tornado will allow the player to collect Fire Flyers that are hiding under vehicles.

Destroying all of the trailers in this area requires the tornado's category level to be at a size eight tornado.

Zone 2

Upon exiting the first zone, a Totem will begin to rise up from the ground by the Ruckusville Water Tower. Like the previous zone, the category level is set to a size two tornado. Players must increase the tornado's category level by destroying objects ranging from flowers to bulldogs.

Much like the first zone, the category level of the tornado needs to be a size eight tornado. As soon as the tornado's category level is at eight, use the grab move to chain several Fire Flyers hiding in the trailers. Towers can only be destroyed once the category level is at size 11.

A gold medal in this level requires the player collecting a large chain of Fire Flyers in both two zones.

Vortex Race

After clearing all two zones in the area, it's time to build a massive storm. Follow Nimbus through a series of storm gates; catch up to him to successfully complete the race.

Totem Battle

Surrounded by patches of sunlight, Nimbus will explain to Zephyr that the sunlight will cause a Wind Warrior to dissipate. Losing all Wind Warriors will force the player to retry the Totem approach.


  • First map to have multiplayer
  • This is also the first map to have a vortex race and unlockables.
  • In the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 version, the level takes place in the afternoon, while the Wii version takes place in the early morning.