Double Wide Damage is the third level in the game Tornado Outbreak. Taking place after the events of Chicken Con Carnage!.It's the first level to have a new gameplay feature, Multiplayer allowing another player to control the Wind Warrior while the other player controls Zephyr.

Plot Edit

When the Wind Warriors become exhausted from traveling all night to find and capture all of the Fire Flyers.They become weak and rest in the shade of the nearby forest of Ruckusville. Meanwhile Zephyr can be seen with Nimbus, who is collaborating the L.O.A.D. STARR while Zephyr makes a comment about how the lights constantly made him dizzy. Nimbus then activates the L.O.A.D. STARR as he and Zephyr and the Wind Warrior (determined) travel to a trailerpark that they must destroy in order to find Omegaton's orb. Nimbus teaches Zephyr and the Wind Warrior how to build a vortex and how to approach a totem. Once Zephyr and the Wind Warrior's task completed Omegaton's orb is then sent to the sky returning to its rightful owner. Zephyr, sadden and wishes to rebuild the property he damaged. Nimbus tells Zephyr to focus on the mission as they travel to an Military Base named "Area51"

Layout Edit

Double Wide Damage consists of three zones. The first two zones consist of the player finding and absorbing Fire Flyers. In the third zone, players follow Nimbus through a circle of gates known as the Vortex Race.

Trivia Edit

  • First map to have multiplayer
  • First map to have a vortex race and unlockables!