On this page, you'll find a list of glitches. Note: This page is in need of more glitches, feel free to add more glitches and a description on how to trigger them.

Glitches that appear in all versions Edit

  • On zone 2 in Chicken Con Carnage, Nimbus' model will be in a T-pose. This also happens in Coastal Calamity.
  • Grabbing 100 Fire Flyers at once on Chicken Con Carnage, causes the game to show a blue screen.

Glitches in the Xbox 360 version Edit

  • There is a 10% chance of the game being stuck on the loading screen.
  • The chickenfarm sign doesn't spin, but in the Wii version the sign spins.
  • The framerate on some levels drop around to 20 FPS. This also happens on the Playstation 3 version as well.

Glitches in the Playstation 3 version Edit

  • The KA-SMASH text doesn't appear when the player destroys a barn.