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Wind Warrior: This city is hot enough already, I bet the humans will thank us for getting rid of the Fire Flyers, right?
Zephyr: Yeah, I think you're right soldier. I think you're right.
― Flythrough (Zone 1)

High Roller Blowout is the fifth level in Tornado Outbreak. The map takes place shortly after the events of Military Mayhem.


Zephyr flies over to a strip road near the desert after passing Military Mayhem and remembers just how innocent he was before Nimbus's capturing.

Suddenly, the Wind Warriors and Zephyr are ambushed by the Fire Flyers who are getting Zephyr's nerve right now. He eventually discovers that Nimbus' body has been moved to another location. Now motivated to find Nimbus, Zephyr equips Nimbus' shoulder pads and heads towards an amusement park.


Consisting of three zones, the level requires the player to start off as a small tornado and gradually become larger in order to toss and throw buildings and vehicles.

Zone 1

The first zone of the area. Scattered throughout the area are several Elvis impersonators that will constantly wander around the area. Additionally, there are also some Tourists and Woman of Ill Reputes. Buildings that contain Fire Flyers requires the Category Level to be a minimum of size eight. Size 13 will easily allow the player to destroy everything in the player's path to uncover the Fire Flyers.

Zone 2

The second zone of the area. Unlike the previous area, this area consists of a golf course, several casinos, and even a movie theater! Additionally, the player can increase Zephyr's tornado size by collecting all of the flamingos near the starting point of the second zone.

Zone 3

Unlike the previous two zones, the category level of the tornado starts off at three. With this advantage, the player can either continue growing the tornado, or chain as many Flyers as they can at a size three tornado.

Totem Battles

Totems will begin to throw balls of fire. Zephyr can easily avoid these by either moving away from them, or just holding down the grab button. Zephyr will defend himself, but decrease his speed in the progress.


  • Both Military Mayhem and High Roller Blowout have some similar geological features. This is likely because the map takes place after the events of Military Mayhem.
  • The landmark in this level is the Caesars Palace.[2]
  • Scattered throughout the levels are several Elvis impersonators wandering throughout the level.


  1. In-Game Files refer this map as Vegas/Strip
  2. In-game files simply refers this landmark's model as pillar_caesar.mb