Tornado Outbreak Wiki

Wind Warrior: There's a Fire Flyer infestation here alright. But, without Nimbus we can't...
Zephyr: Without Nimbus, we continue the mission as planned, we have to.
― Flythrough (Zone 1)

Military Mayhem is the fifth level in Tornado Outbreak. The map takes place in Area 51.


The Wind Warriors, who were traveling all night are ambushed by the Fire Flyers, who in the process end up injuring Nimbus. Now injured, Nimbus hands Zephyr the L.O.A.D. STARR and orders him to move to the next Orb. Now angered, Zephyr rushes to find Nimbus after collecting Omegaton's Orb but finds that Nimbus is missing. It's later revealed that The Fire Flyers dug Nimbus an underground cave; to protect him from the Sunlight.


Military Mayhem's layout is divided up into five different zones.

Zone 1

The first zone of the area, a secret military base. Players start off as a size two tornado and must work their way up into becoming a larger tornado. As a level two tornado, the player can remove the clothing of the humans such as the soldier and the drill sarget.

Much like Double Wide Damage, the Category Level of the tornado needs to be at size eight in order to destroy larger buildings containing Fire Flyers.

Zone 2

The second zone of the area. In this zone, players will encounter several Men In Black agents constantly on the lookout for anything suspicious. Humorously, they will ignore any destruction the player is causing and will begin to panic when the tornado's category level reaches to three. Once again, the tornado's category level is changed into a level two tornado.

Zone 3

Upon completing the second zone, Zephyr finds himself trapped inside a holding cell. To escape, start off by removing the clothing of the soldiers. Then, toss any throw as many little objects as you can. Work your way up until the tornado's category level is at a size seven. Then, break out of there!

Vortex Race

Fire Flyers will begin to sneak inside of the Vortex Race. Use the grab move to pull the Flyer out of the gate. Failure to do so will result in the gate exploding; slowing Zephyr down.

Totem Battles

Standard Totem Battle. The only difference being Totem's third phase. Additionally, sunpots become more wider and move slightly quicker then usual.