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"The legendary leader of The Wind Warriors. Respected and respectful, he's a fount of Wisdom and Knowledge accumulated over thousands of years leading the squad."
― Nimbus's bio in the Tornado Outbreak Comic[src]

Captain Nimbus, formally known as lieutenant Nimbus is a skillful air elemental and formal leader of a squad of Wind Warriors


Nimbus is a violet-eyed, black and light blue air elemental with large gauntlets, a red tattered cape, metal wing-shaped shoulder pads, and a gold medallion bearing the Wind Warrior emblem.


Once the fearless leader of the Wind Warriors, he is now the wise leader second in command. Nimbus stands strong beside his protégé Zephyr passing on the knowledge and abilities he's learned over the years.

Nimbus also possesses an innate ability for mechanical know how which is invaluable to the existence of his team. His ability to calibrate and decipher the L.O.A.D. STARR which provides cloud cover on Earth and allows his sidekick Zephyr to possess his destructive abilities are vital to their mission.

Origins and History


While not mentioned in the comic, it's assumed that he played an important role in the Academy of Air; a school dedicated to training Wind Warriors/Air Elementals into mastering the tornado ability. His first two students, Cyclone and Stratos were successful at mastering the tornado which led to the two becoming Wind Warriors.

However, fearing that Cyclone will betray the Wind Warriors, both Nimbus and Stratos form a plan to catch him in his tracks. The plan involved Nimbus faking being crystallized by Shades, toxic elementals that crystallize anything they touch, and pretending to host a competition to see who will become the new leader. The plan begins to work as plan until Cyclone sabotages the competition by poisoning Stratos which led to him being unable to win any of the competitions.

Upon discovering that Nimbus' fear was true, he breaks out of the crystallized shell which turned out to be ice created by himself.[1]


Over the course of the game, Nimbus plays a role in teaching Zephyr how to grab Fire Flyers with the Grab Move, calibrating the L.O.A.D. STARR along with guiding the squadron of Wind Warriors. However, an ambush from the Fire Flyers left him wounded and unable to move. He passes the L.O.A.D. STARR onto Zephyr and orders him and the squad of Wind Warriors to move out and retrieve the rest of Omegaton's orbs.

The Fire Flyers explained to Nimbus about what Omegaton really was, a hero from the backwards dimension is actually a villain on Earth. In return for listening, the Fire Flyers placed him inside of an underground sanctuary to prevent him from the sun's deadly exposure.

Eventually, Nimbus, along with Zephyr and the squadron of Wind Warriors defeat Omegaton once and for all and reunite the rock and water elementals to their homeworld.


Even though Nimbus isn't a playable character, he has slightly more dialogue then Zephyr and the Wind Warrior.


  • Nimbus is thousands of years old.
  • Assuming that he is older then the other characters, Nimbus' exact age is roughly around 1,000 to 10,000.
  • After Camelot Falls, Nimbus no longer wears his cape and shoulder pads. However, these reappear in Coastal Calamity, and Showdown with Omegaton.
  • Nimbus is the only character shown to have ears.
  • Nimbus is also the second character to not have a mouth. The First being the Wind Warrior.[2]
  • Nimbus was originally blue and silver. His later design would be changed to blue, red, and black.
  • Nimbus is the only non-playable air elemental that can be sucked into Zephyr's tornado.
  • Nimbus is Left handed.
  • Lev Liberman, The voice of Nimbus also voices: The Wind Warriors, The Stone Smasher, and the soccer players in Ringling Village!
  • Nimbus' model is referred to as zephyr.mb, which means that at one point, he was going to be a playable character.
  • In the HD version of Tornado Outbreak, Nimbus' fingers are partially modeled. Oddly enough, the fingers aren't animated. Additionally, his face in the HD port features a diamond shaped indentation in the center of his head.


Concept Art


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  2. In-game character model. Numerous cutscenes have showcased that he does in-fact have a mouth.