"The legendary leader of The Wind Warriors. Respected and respectful, he's a fount of Wisdom and Knowledge accumulated over thousands of years leading the squad. "
—Captain Nimbus's bio in The Tornado Outbreak Comic src

Lieutenant Nimbus is a skillful air elemental and former leader of a squad of Wind Warriors.

Appearance Edit

Nimbus is a violet-eyed, black and light blue air elemental with large gauntlets, a red tattered cape, metal wing-shaped epaulets, and a gold medallion bearing the Wind Warrior emblem.

Origins and History Edit

Once the fearless leader of the Wind Warriors, he is now the wise leader second in command. Nimbus stands strong beside his protégé Zephyr passing on the knowledge and abilities he's learned over the years.

Nimbus also possesses an innate ability for mechanical know how which is invaluable to the existence of his team. His ability to calibrate and decipher the L.O.A.D. STARR which provides cloud cover on Earth and allows his sidekick Zephyr to possess his destructive abilities are vital to their mission.

Prior to the events of the game, Nimbus was half crystallized by the Shades.

Later he told Zephyr it was actually just ice created by himself to trick Cyclone into revealing his cruel intentions sooner.

During the events of Tornado Outbreak, Nimbus teaches Zephyr how to grab Fire Flyers, along with recharging the L.O.A.D. STARR.'s timer. After collecting the first orb, Zephyr feels remorse towards the humans, saying "Collateral damage may be unavoidable but we've left these people homeless." Nimbus replies to Zephyr by telling him that no one will follow him if he lead with doubt. The Wind Warriors, along with Zephyr and Nimbus travel to a military base, only to be injured by a Fire Flyer. Nimbus, now unable to move gives the L.O.A.D. STARR to Zephyr, by shoving it in his face and ordering him to leave him. As Zephyr and the Wind Warriors leave, the Fire Flyers explain to Nimbus about Omegaton. In return for listening, The Fire Flyers dig an underground sanctuary to protect Nimbus from the deadly U.V. rays. After defeating Omegaton, Nimbus guides the Water Whirls and Stone Smasher to their homeworld.

Trivia Edit

  • Nimbus is thousands of years old.
  • Nimbus is the only character shown to have ears.
  • Nimbus also the second character to not have a mouth. The First being the Wind Warrior.
  • Nimbus was originally blue and silver. His later design would be changed to blue, red, and black.
  • Nimbus has an unused death animation that can be triggered by modifying Zephyr's tornado.
  • Nimbus is Left handed.
  • Originally, it was planned for Nimbus to stay and help Zephyr. This was removed.
  • Lev Liberman, The voice of Nimbus also voices: The Wind Warriors,The Stone Smasher, and the soccer players in Ringling Village!
  • For some odd reason, if the player views the model files for Nimbus, it's reviled that his model is named "zephyr.mb" hinting that Nimbus was originally going to be the main character.

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