"The greatest hero of a strange, backwards dimension that he described as an anti-matter universe--whatever THAT is....."
Zephyr's comment about Omegaton in The Secret Origin src

Omegaton is the anti-matter being and final boss in the level Showdown with Omegaton! He first appears in The Tornado Outbreak Comic.

Appearance Edit

Omegaton's body has a layer of dark purple armor. On Earth, Omegaton has a orange layer protecting his armor. His body has a total of seven orbs on his body.

Origin and History Edit

Omegaton is first introduced at the beginning of the game in space. There, he begged the Wind Warriors to find his seven orbs of power. To help the Wind Warriors on their mission, he provided the L.O.A.D. STARR to protect the Wind Warriors from the sunlight. Later in the game, it's reviled that Omegaton is from an anti-matter universe; a hero in space is actually a villain on Earth. In the final level, Omegaton is killed by Zephyr, and is sent back to space.