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Toggable Framerate Counter

Notice the FPS counter at the bottom of the screen.

The ability to toggle the game's framerate was an option only featured in the development builds of Tornado Outbreak.


Similar to the Totem battles, the player locks onto an object with the Z button while shaking the Wii remote left and right to enter a mini game called BATTER-RAM.

Property Damage

TO-Property Damage score.jpeg

The player was originally scored by the amount of Fire Flyers collected along with the amount of property damage.

Side Missions

A side mission mode was planned, but the side mission was scrapped. Unused text referring to the side missions can still be found in the tornadoalley.bsu file.

Size 33 Tornado

The Size 33 tornado in High Roller Blowout.

Within the game's files, there exist unused animations for the size 33 tornado. The tornado's movement is slower then the previous tornadoes.

Showdown with Omegaton!

  • Nimbus was originally going to tell Zephyr to hit Omegaton's gigantic kidneys. This could've been removed due to referencing actual human organs.
  • Both Zephyr and Nimbus originally had a speaking role during the fly-through segment.

Chicken Con Carnage

Several buildings/structures ended up being completely removed, or just renamed.

  • Skunkbooty (A brewlhub)
  • Happy Sunrise Chicken Farm (Was changed to Chicken Farm)
  • An industrial park/Powerplant
  • Tranquil Creek (Where nothing bad ever happens...)

Chicken Con Carnage (Gallery)

Concept Art

Note: Concept Art in Bold is not included in the final game.

Below are a list of characters or concepts that were never added in the game, or was just left as concept art.

  • An Unnamed Earth Elemental
  • Eddie (Concept Art of Zephyr)
  • Fireguy (Some kind of fire elemental(?)
  • Double Wide Damage (Concept Art)
  • Military Madness (Concept Art)
  • Several unnamed air elementals.
  • Octoman (A human octopus)

Concept Art (Gallery)


Note: Lines that are in italics do not have a 16x9 variant.

Three unused cutscenes can be found in the game's movie folder. These cutscenes were later removed in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of Tornado Outbreak.

  • bonus_chickenfarm_intro.bik
  • bonus_chickenfarm_outro.bik
  • bonus_e3_attract_4x3.bik



Tornado Outbreak- (Bonus) Chicken Con Carnage Intro


Tornado Outbreak- (Bonus) Chicken Con Carnage Outro


Tornado Outbreak- (Bonus) E3 attract

Chain Collecting

In earlier versions of Tornado Outbreak, the ability to toggle the advanced chain collecting mode could've been enabled with the press of a button. This ability would completely remove any smokes and sparks appearing from any objects, along with the removal of the Fire Flyers' sizzle sound effect.

Double Wide Damage

  • Originally, if the player attempted to replay the level before completing Camelot Falls, Nimbus would've been replaced with the Wind Warrior.

Fujita Frenzy

The Fujita Frenzy was a power-up that would've been activated once the player collected a specific amount of humans hiding in specific buildings. The power-up would increase the player's tornado size and allowed the player to destroy larger buildings.


  • Both Nimbus and the Wind Warrior would give a speech about growing the tornado by moving close to the larger player.


Big Sky

An unused track that's name is speculated to be called Big Sky. Interestingly enough, this track isn't composed by Peter McConnell.

Tokyo S3

An unused track from the level Showdown with Omegaton.

Noclip Mode

Still useable by changing the value weatherphase1 to weatherphase0.



  • During development, Zephyr's name was originally Eddie, another word to describe a gentle breeze.
  • Before the name Eddie, Zephyr was simply referred to as Avatar. It's possible that this name was changed due to copyright issues.
  • Zephyr wasn't going to be a playable character. Instead the player would've controlled an unnamed Wind Warrior.
  • Before the unnamed Wind Warrior, the player would've controlled a removed character named Windboy.
  • Zephyr, and the Wind Warrior have an unused fumble animation. This animation was intended to play when the player stopped controlling the tornado.
  • He also has an unused idle animation consisting of him wiping his shoulders. It's possible that this would've played when the player obtain Nimbus' accouterments.
  • Interestingly, these animations are still present in the 360 and PS3 versions of the game.


  • Nimbus was originally planned to appear in the map Camelot Falls. This can be seen in earlier screenshots of the game.
  • According to in-game files, Nimbus' name was originally Zephyr.
  • There exist a partially unused idle animation; an animation just involving his model floating in the air.



Unused Animations