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Wind Warrior: There go more of those Fire Flyers, running inside to escape the mighty Wind Warriors!
Zephyr: Either that or it's time for high tea.
― Flythrough (Zone 1)

Ringling Village is the seventh level in Tornado Outbreak. The level takes place in the village of Ringling located in the United Kingdom.


Zephyr along with the Wind Warriors stayed all night going to the village of Ringling when suddenly, a Wind Warrior bumps into Zephyr causing him to Drop the L.O.A.D.STARR.

Now worried about the fate of his squad, Zephyr gives a speech explaining if the L.O.A.D. STARR failed, they would die for a good cause; retrieving Omegaton's orbs. Zephyr then proceeds to sent the squad to an underground sanctum to protect them from the sun's radiation. During this quiet time, he successfully repairs the L.O.A.D. STARR.


Trapped in a maze, the player must use the Stone Stomp in order to successfully destroy objects inside the maze to successfully grow in size. The second and third zone require the player to continue using the Stone Stomp to pounce onto objects such as rocks and buildings to increase the Category Level.

Zone 1

First zone of the area. Mentioned before Zephyr is spawned inside a garden maze. To escape, fill the category level into a level two tornado. The tornado's category level needs to be a minimum of around eight in order to chain a large amount of Fire Flyers. Growing the category level into a level 13 tornado will allow the player to destroy all objects in the area.

Zone 2

The second zone in the area. The category level of the tornado starts off as a size three tornado. Additionally, near the L.O.A.D. STARR, are several Stonehenge structures. Destroying them at a size eight tornado will drastically increase the category level by ten within a matter of seconds. As a size ten tornado, the player has the opportunity to gather a chain of Fire Flyers by destroying buildings that are organized in a row.

Zone 3

The final zone of the area. The time limit is shorten by around three minutes. Additionally, the category level of the tornado starts off as a size three tornado.

Totem Battle

The entire area is surrounded by sunlight with patches of light moving around the map. Luckily, Zephyr has modified the L.O.A.D. STARR to provide cloud cover whenever he performs a Stone Stomp. Use this to your advantage in order to destroy the totems!


  • The geographical location of where this level takes place is somewhere in London. It's believed that the map was partially inspired by Wiltshire, a country in South West England.


  1. In game files refers this map as wellstown.bgw, while in-game music simply calls the level English Town.