Tornado Outbreak Wiki

"This special wind is known as.... Tornado"

Roadside Destruction! is the first level in Tornado Outbreak.


Shortly after the events of the Tornado Outbreak Comic, The Wind Warriors travel to Earth, where Nimbus teaches Zephyr how to use his tornado.

Starting as a small tornado, Zephyr proceeds to destroy a fruit stand, a loose cannon, The World's Largest Ball, a statue of Paul Bunyan, and lastly, a dinosaur theme park. After leaving the now destroyed area, Zephyr, Nimbus, and the Wind Warriors uncover the anti-matter being, Omegaton


Roadside Destruction's layout is divided up into five different zones.

Fruit Stand

The first starting area in the map. To progress through this area, simply fill up the category level into a level five tornado. Objects that shake vigorously are objects that can be sucked into the tornado. Humans will run around in a panicked state.

Loose Cannon

The second area automatically unlocked after tossing the pumpkin into the world's loosest cannon. The tornado's size needs to be a size seven tornado in order to advance to the next area.

World's Largest Ball

The third area of the map requires the tornado's category level to be a size ten. To advance to the next area, head towards the ball of twine, and toss and throw it!

Paul Bunyan

The fourth area of the map. The tornado's category level must be size 11 to advance to the final area. Destroy Paul Bunyan along with Babe the Blue Ox. Then, guide the tornado onto the bridge in front of Dino Park.

Dinosaur Park

For the final area, the tornado's category level has been decreased by two. As a result, the player must destroy objects ranging from buildings to vehicles to fill the category level into a size 12 tornado. To finish the map, destroy all Dinosaur statues. Then, enter the portal inside the volcano.


  • The level has an unused multiplayer stage that is fully functional.
  • The dinosaur statues are packed full of chickens!