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"Free the Wind Warrior trapped on this island before we make our move against Omegaton."
Nimbus to Zephyr in the beginning of the level.[src]

Showdown with Omegaton is the tenth and final level in Tornado Outbreak. The level takes place in Tokyo and involves Zephyr punching Omegaton, and stomping his orbs of power.


Zephyr, along with Nimbus, and the Wind Warriors are shocked to discover that Omegaton is now destroying the city of Tokyo. In an attempt to stop Omegaton, The Wind Warriors become frozen due to their failed attempt.


Showdown With Omegaton's layout is divide into four separate parts. The first zone involves Nimbus telling Zephyr to free the Wind Warriors trapped in a crystal prison. After this, the player must avoid the Sunpots around the map. Once all Wind Warriors are freed, Omegaton becomes distracted; giving Zephyr the chance to attack him. As Omegaton becomes larger and stronger, the more difficult the level becomes.


  • This is the only level that has two cutscenes the second one can be unlocked by unlocking all bonus items