Tornado Outbreak Wiki
The following is based on a removed or altered feature in Tornado Outbreak

Side Missions, referred to as Side Mission Mode In-game was a scrapped feature of specific types of missions that involve both Zephyr and the Wind Warrior completing certain tasks ranging from finding objects to destroying different buildings and vehicles.

Levels that have Side Missions

  • Training Campground-(Saving the grab move)
  • Double Wide Damage!-(Gather up the clothespins), (Silence the barking dogs), (Topple the Water Tower) (Guiding your tornado within Cloud Cover)
  • Military Mayhem!-(Pants the soldiers), (Scavenge the area for toolboxes) (Keep an eye out for Air Raid Sirens), (Escape your holding cell)
  • High Roller Blowout- (Destroy the armored car) (BATTER-RAM!) (Collect all Pink Flamingos) (Collect all Golf Goodies), (Destroy 4 Casinos), (Smash up the Wedding Chapels)
  • Carnival Chaos!- (Destroy the go-carts), (Demolish the attractions), (Relax with the "inner toobin" dudes), (Ravage the Roller Coaster)
  • Ringling Village- (Taking a tour to Wellstown), (Escape the hedges and nick some horses), (Play soccer with the Soccer Players), (Topple the Stonehenge), (Steal the statue), (Disband the Parliment)
  • Camelot Falls!- (Taking a tour to the Faire), (Toss the tents), (Smash some sheds), (Storm the castle!)
  • Coastal Calamity!- (Alert the peaceful village's Rice Farmers), (Bring on the storm), (Overturn the boats!), (Destroy all cherry blossom trees), (Flatten the Japanese-themed Hotels)
  • Showdown with Omegaton!- (Terrorize Tokyo!), (Bust up some buses), (Obliterate the stations), (Decimate the heart of the city)