Side missions are specific types of missions that involve both Zephyr and the Wind Warrior completing certain tasks.These tasks can be from collecting toolboxes to button mashing minigames. They can be triggered by either enabling the function:"is_side_misson_mode_active". Once enabled players are given a certain side mission in order to earn more points to unlocking even more bonus concept art and bonus videos too. Although you can't trigger these side missions through in game or by glitches. As of now, it isn't possible to trigger the side mission mode,however unused text referring to the side mission mode can still be viewed using a hex editor. You can find the Side Mission dialog on the UI/dialog page.

Double Wide Damage! Edit

Zephyr is given the task to find and suck up all clothespins,collect 50 Fire Flyers in four minutes,finding and killing all the barking dogs,and flattening the entire map. Once completed the player will be rewarded with the Double Wide Damage concept art.