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"Glad to see you made it. My kind would like to help you on your mission. Let me show you how to use some Earth power. I'll teach you the Stone Stomp!"
― Stone Stomper[src]

The Stone Stomper, also known as the Stone Smasher is the cousin of the Water Whirls. Their physical appearance resembles a talking pile of rocks.


When the player goes near these Rock Elementals, Zephyr or the Wind Warrior can pounce on a Stone Stomper to wake them up. Once awoken, they thank the two heroes and then return to their homeworld. If the player's Category Level is too large, then both the Stone Stompers and the Water Whirls will be sucked into the tornado.

Origin and History

Rock Elementals, originally warriors of Omegaton were banished to Earth forcing them to sleep in slumber. They can be awoken by either Zephyr or the Wind Warrior.

Future Timeline

After the events of Tornado Outbreak, Nimbus leads the Stone Stompers and the Water Whirls to their homeworld. This means that the Stone Smashers managed to return to their homeworld prior to not being rescued.

Stone Smasher on the left, Nimbus in the middle, and the Water Whirl on the right.


  • Whenever the Stone Stomper speaks, the faint sound of rocks and gravel can be heard.
  • According to concept-art files, the original name for the Stone Stomper is Rocky.

Concept Art