"Nimbus' second lieutenant. Honest, Straightforward and dependable, Stratos always puts the good of the squad above his own, His integrity providing a moral compass to the squad."
—Strotos' bio in The Tornado Outbreak Comic src

Stratos is a minor character that appears only in the Tornado Outbreak Comic.

Appearance Edit


Stratos is a muscular light blue and black air elemental with a red cape, horns, and a golden belt donning the Wind Warrior emblem in the center. He has green eyes, black legs and large black forearms.

Origins and History Edit

Its assumed that he is younger than Nimbus but older than Zephyr. He is intolerant of boastfulness and takes extra precautions when creating atmosphere on a planet. Stratos is confident and is shown to be able to create a tornado. He protected Zephyr from the Shades during their first battle on the crystallized planet.

He competed with his rival Cyclone for control of the squad, but his ability was reduced after Cyclone poisoned him so he couldn't win.

In the battle at the dark pulsar, Stratos attempted to fight Cyclone but was captured and crystallized. It is not apparent if he can be freed or if this ultimately killed him.