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"Nimbus' second lieutenant. Honest, Straightforward and dependable, Stratos always puts the good of the squad above his own, His integrity providing a moral compass to the squad."
― Stratos' bio in The Tornado Outbreak Comic[src]

Stratos is a minor character that appears only in the Tornado Outbreak Comic.


Stratos is a muscular light blue and black air elemental with a red cape, horns, and a golden belt donning the Wind Warrior emblem in the center. He has green eyes, black legs and large black forearms.

Origins and History

Its assumed that he is younger than Nimbus but older than Zephyr. He is intolerant of boastfulness and takes extra precautions when creating atmosphere on a planet. Stratos is confident and is shown to be able to create a tornado.


During a routine check on an atmospheric planet, Zephyr, Nimbus, and the Wind Warriors are attacked by Shades, toxic elementals that will crystallize anything they touch. Stratos proceeds to protect Zephyr from the Shades while both Nimbus and Cyclone pummel them away. The squad then retreats to tend to all of the Wind Warriors that were severally wounded by the Shades.

Stratos begins to become skeptical of Cyclone and decides to form a plan with Nimbus; set up a fake competition to see who will become the new leader of the Wind Warriors. The plan goes well until Cyclone sabotages the competition by poisoning Stratos. As time progressed, he began to become weaker until he loses all of his strength.

In the battle at the dark pulsar, Stratos attempted to fight Cyclone but was killed and crystallized as a statue in the process.


  • Despite not being in the game, Stratos makes an appearence on a handful of Tornado Outbreak's game discs.