Super Happy Fun Bunny Armageddon was an unused video that was possible removed due to the blood and violence. The video was supposedly created by Gene Blakefield for Loose Cannon Studios.

Summary Edit

The video fades into a title screen saying "Super Fun Bunny Armageddon" with the option to press start. The screens then fades into white showing the player(?) controlling a Loose Cannon while running over a small car from Double Wide Damage!,a drunk overweight man, an alien tourist, and running over 800 or more bunnies. When the bunnies are ran over small piles of blood is splattered on the ground. Then the player or person controlling the cannon unlocks the Super Extra Awesome Cannon Destruction of Doom. The cannon shoots out a firework that explodes and creates thousands of flaming skulls to kill the rest of the bunnies the screen then cuts to black while saying "LOOSE CANNON STUDIOS"