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Template:Navbox is used to create a section at the bottom of articles containing links to related articles. For a full documentation of the navbox template, see this page. The most common parameters are listed below.


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The title of the navbox.

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The row that appears above all headers, groups and lists.

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A header that spans the width of the navbox, where [n] is any positive integer.

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The group of links within a navbox, where [n] is any positive integer. Sub-groups may also be created using [n.n] (e.g. "1.1").

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The list of links corresponding with group[n] (if applicable), where [n] is any positive integer.

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The row that appears below all headers, groups and lists.


Simple example

|title  = A simple navbox
|above  = Text to appear on top
|group1 = First group
|list1  = 
|list2  = Second list without group (centered)
|group3 = Third group
|list3  =
|below  = Text to appear on bottom

Headers example

|title   = Navbox with headers
|group1  = First group
|list1   = This list is before the first header
|header2 = Header for section 2
|group2  = Second group
|list2   = Second list (part of section 2)
|group3  = Third group
|list3   = Third list (also part of section 2)
|header4 = Another header
|list4   = Fourth list (part of section 3)

Subgroups example

|title     = Navbox with subgroups
|group1    = Normal group
|list1     = Normal list
|group2    = Subgrouped
 |group2.1 = First subgroup
 |list2.1  = List goes here
 |group2.2 = Second subgroup
 |list2.2  = Another list


  • As shown above, navbox items are listed using the same syntax that vertical lists are created with. The navbox will display them horizontally.
  • All navboxes are collapsed by default.
  • The structure, functionality and style of this template depend on Lua located at Module:Navbox and CSS located at MediaWiki:Wikia.css.