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The Tornado Outbreak Comic is a short comic whose events precede those of the game. The comic was made before the development of Tornado Outbreak. The comic was originally created as a storyboard, but was turned into a comic.[1]

The entire comic can be viewed here


On a routine checkup of an area they've previously given atmosphere, the squad discovers deadly crystals covering half the planet. They fight the Shades momentarily, then Nimbus distracts them in a large storm so the Wind Warriors can safely escape.

Captain Nimbus, injured and infected by the crystals, decides it's time to step down and put either Stratos or Cyclone in charge. He sets up a contest to determine who is strongest and most fit to be leader. Cyclone cheats by secretly poisoning his rival Stratos and takes command of the squad.

Cyclone must lead the team to their homeworld to get Nimbus some help, but instead leads them right into a dark pulsar, a Shade-infested galactic formation. He was actually working for the Shades, who promised him power in exchange for bringing their enemies, the Wind Warriors, straight into their trap. Nimbus reveals the "Crystals" that were infecting him were just ice, and that he had been waiting to see Cyclone turn against them.

Stratos attempts to fight Cyclone, but is crystallized. His crystal form cracks Cyclone in the head and he appears to be injured, so he retreats with his remaining Shades. Nimbus decides not to follow them.

Zephyr is then put in charge as Captain, with Nimbus as his lieutenant.


  • It is revealed that the air elementals' home planet is Harmonia.
  • The comic shows why Stratos and Cyclone are not in-game, and how Zephyr acquired his tornado form and the clouds on his head.


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