The screen fades out to black when we see Zephyr on Screen talking.

  • Zephyr: ZEPHYR'S MISSION LOG: entry one.Our Captain in Command, Nimbus, has decided it's time to step down and hand the reins of the squad over to...hang on, I'm getting ahead of myself.Zephyr's my name.And my friends and I are Wind Warriors.It's our universal task to create atmosphere on lifeless planets.As part of the RITE OF PASSAGE, I began to evolve, becoming more like Nimbus in appearance to make the transfer of leadership easier for the squad.I also started talking to myself from nerves, hence this mission log.It was the most exciting time of my life.I couldn't imagine it getting any better...And then we met OMEGATON.The greatest hero of a strange, backwards dimension that he described as an anti-matter universe--whatever THAT is--Omegaton's enemies joined forces and outnumbered him.Omegaton was stripped of his six Orbs of power and banished to OUR universe.He would have quickly perished if we didn't find him.Nimbus realized that Omegaton needed to absorb positive matter to maintain atomic cohesion in our universe.Yeah... I didn't understand it either.Anti-matter physics was never my thing.Long story short: without us, Omegaton couldn't survive.With the approval of Nimbus, I gave my first order.We would find Omegaton's Orbs and help him return home.Our search took us to EARTH...and to our first big problem: its yellow sun.Its radiation is deadly to my kind, but Omegaton assured us he had a solution.Strangely, he could only get so close to the planet.We were stumped until Nimbus figured out why...His enemies were ahead of us.They dispatched an army of flaming little buggers called FIRE FLYERS to keep the orbs away from Omegaton.To make matters worse, they buried powerful TOTEMS near the orbs.The totems project a force field that keeps Omegaton at a distance.The odds are stacked against us but we've got a LIGHTWEIGHT OBJECT AMALGAM DEVICE, or L.O.A.D. STARR,  on our side.Given to us by Omegaton, the L.O.A.D. STARR can locate the orbs, collect, and HOLD--the Fire Flyers.It's also been rigged to provide cloud cover from the U.V. rays.As we make our way planet-side, something Nimbus told me once rings in my head: "Sometimes, ZEPHYR, the mission chooses us."He couldn't have been more always.