Howdy! Larry here, and I'd figure that It's about time I decide to write a new blog. I was shocked to see that the Old Tornado Outbreak Wikia has been closed!

So what happened?

I was browsing on Wikia to see if the Trollpasta Wikia has changed, when I saw to my suprise that the Trollpasta Wikia went down. I was planning on going to see if the old outdated TO wikia has changed, but I saw that the wikia has been closed. Whenever this was done by the owner is unknown.

What now?

I will be continuing to work on this Wikia until I lose interest in this game, which is going to be a very long time. I've also created a youtube channel for Tornado Outbreak! Check it out here:

This Wikia is around four years old! I just want to say thanks to anyone who've browsed this wikia!