"We need to build up a massive storm,and the best way is to rush through these storm gates!"
— Nimbus  src

After three Zones of destroying buildings, Zephyr must build up a massive storm in a Vortex Race to later reach the Totems safely.

The Basics Edit

Follow Nimbus through the gates. The race gets progressively faster the longer you go without missing a gate.

Gates that are orange contain Fire Flyers. They will explode and slow you down if you don't shield when you go through them.

Gold Edit

For to get a perfect gold medel you must get

•at least 374,000 score or 50 to 30 or 20 fire flyers at once

Tornado Outbreak-Gold Medal awarded

•avoid the Fire flyers blocking the storm gates!

•Get all of the flyers

Silver Edit

not bad but ok you will need

•27,000 Fire flyers or 10 to 15 at once

Tornado Outbreak silver medal awarded

•only miss 1 to 4 Storm gates

•only miss a few gates

Bronze Edit

it's still something! the goal.

•15,000 5 to 10 Fire flyers

Tornado Outbreak bronze medal awarded

•only miss 4 to 10 gates

•Miss a flyer gates

Nothing Edit

if you fail you will get:

Great job you created the vortex!

Tornado Outbreak moderate storm

•2,0000 or 2 flyers at once

miss 10 or more gates

miss 20 flyer gates.

Co-Op Edit

In multiplayer, Player 1 steers the tornado while Player 2 controls the shield.