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"Not a moment to lose! We too have heard of your plight. We have never done this before... We have decided to share our Water Magic with you. My sister and I will show you how to DASH"
― Water Whirl[src]

The Water Whirls are female water-based elementals who guide Zephyr with the dash move. They have a pair of sisters that were stranded on Earth by Omegaton.


The Water Whirl teaches the player to dash by pressing the dash button. Once pressed, Zephyr will gain a boost in speed for a short period of time.

Origin and History

Zephyr born from air, calls upon all forces of nature to accomplish his Earthly duties. Seemingly delicate to the point of being fragile, Water Whirls are calm, tranquil creatures. The Water Whirls donate their ability to traverse large areas quickly and smash objects like a tidal wave. Only through the Elemental forces working together is there any hope of capturing the Fire Flyers and restoring balance to save the Earth.

The Final Ending

The Wind Warriors successfully defeat Omegaton, and return the Stone Stompers and The Water Whirls to their home-planet.

Future Timeline

With the help of Nimbus, The Water Whirls and the Stone Stompers are safety returned to their homeworld.

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