The Water Whirls are female spirites who guide Zephyr with the dash. The Water Whirl is voiced by Darci Morales. They have a pair of Sisters and are Traped on earth from Omegaton. It is unknown if the Water Whirls talked to the Wind Warriors, or Captain Nimbus.

Bio Edit

Zephyr born from wind, calls upon all forces of nature to accomplish his Earthly duties. Seemingly delicate to the point of being fragile, Water Whirls are calm, tranquil creatures. The Water Whirls donate their ability to traverse large areas quickly and smash objects like a tidal wave. Only through the Elemental forces working together is there any hope of capturing the Fire Flyers and restoring balance to save the Earth.

Dashing Edit

Zephyr meets the Water whirl on Camelot Falls! she shows Him how to dash using the [Z] [O] or [b] she begs for Zephyr to help her sisters and she leaves

The Final Ending Edit

After defeating Omegaton, The Wind Warriors along with Nimbus and Zephyr successfully return the Water and Earth Elementals to their homeworld. Zephyr, Nimbus and the Wind Warriors later return to their homeworld; Harmonia.

Future timeline Edit

Nimbus guides the Water Whirls and the Stone Smashers to safety, however the fate of the other characters remain unknown.

Aftermath TO

Nimbus leading the Water Whirl, on the right, and the Stone Smasher on the left side.