"A noble group of Air Elementals appointed with the task of creating atmosphere on barren worlds across the universe. If life exist on any given planet, it's because at one point in its distant past, The Wind Warriors did their jobs well, creating an environment where it could flourish and prosper. "
—The Wind Warrior's bio in The Tornado Outbreak Comic src

The Wind Warriors are air elementals tasked with providing atmosphere to barren planets. They originate from their homeworld Harmonia.

Appearance Edit

All soldiers are light blue and wear a belt, a red cape, studded gauntlets, and golden galea helmet with two ornamental wings on the sides. Without their masks, they have two black eyebrows, and two small pieces of hair on their head.

Origins and History Edit

They are the unnamed, fearless and elite squad that stands proudly behind their leaders Nimbus and Zephyr. The Wind Warriors' sole purpose is to lend support to whatever mission the leaders deem necessary. Later in the story the Wind Warriors become an integral tool in the ultimate defeat and destruction of their earthbound nemesis Omegaton. Without the Wind Warriors Zephyr and Nimbus would be nearly defenseless.


  • In co-op mode, Player 2 controls a Wind Warrior.
  • What they individually look like under the mask is unknown, but one can be seen holding his helmet in a cutscene.
  • Despite being called Wind Warriors, they are in fact Air Elementals.